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Step 1

Contact Dr. Brown via email - - to arrange a convenient time for your free first meeting.  During that first meeting you will develop a sense of what is available to you,  as well as understanding how Dr. Brown will help you to successfully grow your career your way.


Step 2

At the scheduled time you agreed, meet with Dr. Brown via previously sent Zoom invite or by telephone, which ever is easier for you.  Typically, this meeting lasts up to 30 minutes.


Step 3

After your initial meeting you have the option to send Dr.Brown your curriculum vitae or other materials so he more fully understands your background and goals to customize your engagement.   

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Zoom Meeting Details

You will receive an Email "Invite" to join a Zoom.US on-line session. Once you accept you may join using your browser in a new tab OR download the Zoom App following the instructions provided by Zoom. Access Zoom One-Minute Video Instructions by simply CLICKING HERE